Matarazzo is a metamorphic rock that is formed when quartz rich sandstone is altered by heat, pressure and chemical activity. Matarazzo quartzite is perfect for kitchen and bathroom applications, as well as outdoor living spaces.Most of the selections are in the grey and white tones, but certain minerals cast a spectrum of colors into the material. Quartzites are scratch and acid-resistant, so they will not etch. The hardness level can vary greatly; we recommend the material be sealed per your contractor’s direction. Acid resistance with a soft, elegant appearance makes Matarazzo quartzite a popular material selection with our clients.

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Matarazzo, exhibits a primarily white base color with a web of grey veining throughout. The veins vary in shade from lighter to darker grey, creating a natural, intricate pattern that is characteristic of marble. The veins are distributed unevenly across the slab, with some areas more densely packed with grey lines while others remain more purely white. This blend of white and grey gives the marble a classic and luxurious appearance that is versatile for various design

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Heat resistance




Scratch resistance


Slab thickness

1 1/4", 3cm

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